Greetings to all of you, as you might recall I recently joined the Inspired Wellness Center as Dr. Jana’s new Associate Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM). 

It is time to delve a little deeper into my passions and interests as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner, so I am continuously attempting to deepen my understanding while also adding to my repertoire of curiosities and fascinations as a practitioner. Having said that, there are some that I am extra passionate about. Traditional Chinese medicine is amazing at treating a wide variety of illnesses, diseases, ailments, and disorders, but I find myself drawn to find a deeper understanding of some highly complex concepts. Some of these include autoimmune disorders, cancers, pain, trauma, PTSD, and cumulative stress. I believe Western medicine is necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of many complicated and serious (potentially life-threatening) health concerns, and it is my opinion that it does not necessarily have a complete, and in some cases, the necessary multi-dimensional understanding of such concepts. This is where my belief holds it takes an integrative approach to truly address such health concerns in a more multi-dimensional way. 

I believe, as highly skilled and trained professionals, both Western and Eastern providers must work together to see illness and disease from more than one perspective. If you were to look at any object, concept, or human being from only one direction, you may only observe that which is being observed from that one perspective. If we begin to look from many perspectives, we begin to see many other important variables making this a more multi-dimensional perspective. This is so important in modern healthcare. We want the best possible understanding so we may offer the best possible healthcare options, and no two individuals are the same. Human beings are unique and are best not viewed in an all-encompassing, mechanical way. I will go into this topic more in-depth in my third blog posting. 

So, in circling back around to my passions and interests…Helping people is my passion, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is my passion, and the integration of medicine in a multi-dimensional approach is my passion. TCM is capable of treating so many issues as it helps to re-establish balance where the imbalance in the body-mind-spirit exists. Pain is what I love to treat most. Trauma, PTSD, and cumulative stress are equally what I love to treat most, and most if not many of us have experienced some form of trauma, PTSD, or cumulative stress in our lives. It is my job to administer the best possible treatment for you, and I am ready to do just that. I am here to offer you all that encompasses TCM including acupuncture, tuina, shiatsu, moxa, cupping, guasha, and ancient bleeding techniques as needed. I am big on Asian-style bodywork, and try to include it in each treatment. I am ready to help you feel great, and I look forward to meeting you all very soon! 


Candace Canerdy, DACM, L.Ac. 

Photo by Mareefe