Hi Friends!

Who’s ready to start duct taping themselves back together, and finish this year strong? I know I am! 

Who noticed that this blog was promised on a Monday and it’s definitely not Monday when I'm posting this? I did! (If you didn’t notice, then disregard my last question and skip past the next paragraph).

There are a few things that made Monday impossible. 

  • The first is that I am an A+ procrastinator. 
  • The second is that I didn’t even know my own login or how to create this newsletter. (Shoutout to Stephanie who keeps this ship afloat and makes it look like I have any idea of what I’m doing.)
  • The third reason is I was trapped in the stone age on Monday. It was terrifying!! For five, long hours I was barricaded in my home office with ALL the furniture in my house, very little space, and no internet. Por Que? (That's Spanish for why) while I was getting new carpet installed. In case you’re wondering what I DID do, I ended up cross stitching. Not cute, “Home Sweet Home” stuff but patterns out of a book titled “Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 F*cking Clever Designs for Your Sassy Side.” It did indeed make me feel very sassy. We’ll talk more about this during #quiettime week. But I digress.... 

My original point was that if I wasn’t such an excellent procrastinator, knew my own login to my business accounts, and wasn’t so busy being a sassy cross- stitcher, then you would have gotten this blog Monday. But instead you will now always get these blogs on Sunday’s. Hey, it’s 2020!! We’re pretending to be adaptable. 

  • So, let me give you a little back story on why we’re doing this 2020 Salvage Project. To be honest I was on my way home from a trip (A trip?! During 2020? Gasp!) and I started thinking long and hard about all the things I have blamed on 2020. 
  • Who cares if I’m eating too much junk and gaining weight like it’s my job. It’s 2020!
  • Who cares if I’m drinking too much, everybody is. It’s 2020!
  • Why should I workout regularly, nobody else is… it’s 2020! 
  • Yeah, I swing between a top-notch caretaker and a homicidal maniac when I’m considering chopping up my husband and feeding him to sharks… so what, it’s 2020!
  • So what if I’m not sleeping, unfocused, and ignoring all of my body’s check engine lights? Everybody's stress level and anxiety is sky high because it’s 2020!

The gift of being a provider during a hundred-year pandemic is that I have “real talk” with patients all day long who are feeling the exact same way I am. We’re over this year, over being personally victimized by 2020, over the hard sh*t that Covid has brought to everybody. Most of us know that we’re succumbing to the “pandemic fatigue” and many of us are giving up. 

So, back to my story, as I was coming home from Hawaii (oh, did I not mention that part?? Double gasp! Judgment not welcome here.) I was dreading the idea of facing the fires in Colorado, the election, and our old friend Covid. Dread faded and then I got mad. 

  • I got mad at myself. 
  • I got mad at Covid. 
  • I got mad at 2020. 
  • I got mad at my excuses. 

And as they say, "hell hath no fury like a woman who has run a health facility during a novel virus pandemic and has watched it dismantle her year, her patients, her friends, her community and her world." At least I think that’s how that saying goes?!?

So I said F*ck It! (Question does the “*” make it less offensive when you see a swear word? Asking for a friend.) I decided I was going to take back this year, I was going to stop blaming everything on 2020 (but let’s be honest, it is totally 2020’s fault), and I was going to end this year on a better note at any cost. I also decided I would make my staff participate in my crusade to save this year, and encourage you all join us for the potentially bumpy ride. 

Most importantly I decided to do this from the heart. Enter our DISCLAIMER here. (You've been warned, continue at your own risk) Many of you seem entertained by my funny stories, my laid back way of speaking and my ridiculous nature so why not keep this real? No hippy-dippy, clinically researched advice here. Just the personal and honest truth from us at Inspired Wellness Center. The truth about how we chill out, what makes us laugh, how we (intend) to take care of ourselves, and what we are doing to keep our head above water.

  • It will also include some (maybe lots?) of :
  • Poorly punctuated sentences!!!
  • Tangents!!!
  • And, a fair amount of swearing!! (I like to swear. It makes me feel free.)

So, here’s our best effort at getting ourselves back on track and helping you thru this year too!


Let’s take this stupid, f*cking year back!!!!


Here’s the dish: 

  • Each week, from here to the end of the year, will have a different theme. Why? Because we are all feeling ALL the things and we want to include a little something for everybody. We’ll touch on topics like laughing, self care, slowing down, basic wellness, feeling Inspired (Get it? Because we’re Inspired Wellness) and gratitude. A little something for everybody.
  • We will be providing you lots of support via weekly emails, (procrastination be damned!) as well as tips, tricks, and laughs on social media. So be sure to follow us somewhere, or everywhere so you can see the daily sh*tshow!  Also, be sure to comment, like, and share so we know we’re not in this alone!


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Our first topic will be Laughter is the Best Medicine. Stay tuned for some (hopefully) funny sh*t. Until then, do something good for you. Or not. It’s 2020. 😉