Summer, its usually a time of large family and friend gatherings, pool parties, baseball games and concerts.  Unfortunately Covid has ruined (yes ruined) all of these things for us. The quarantine and safer at home orders has our mental health on a serious decline.  And it now that it seems that we have cancelled ALL the fun out of summer it makes us even more anxious about what to do, how to keep summer full of adventure and keep ourselves and loved ones safe.  Being acupuncturists, we are tied to balancing both the heath of the body AND the mind.  As humans who love summer, we know how important it is to keep the fun in summer! There's no mistaking that this summer will be different. There will be less travel, regular vacation areas will have fewer visitors and local destinations will be closed. But this doesn't mean that we cant find the fun, because it's out there! Here are some of our summer bucket list items that produce low risk of catching Covid for you and your loved ones, and will help keep mental health issues at bay.


Drive in movies: They are making a comeback in a big way. Since standard movie theaters are still unsure if they can open safely, Drive-In movie theaters are seeing a surge in business. Share in this nostalgic past time with your family. Load up the back of your car with blankets, pillows and snacks and enjoy a social distanced evening out of the home!


Camping: Camping is really the ultimate social distanced activity. You're outdoors and isolated. If you're going with a group, be sure you can trust your fellow campers. Avoid common picnic areas and restrooms to keep your risk low. But all the experts agree: Enjoy the outdoors with your family!


Water Craft activities: Do you have a lake nearby that allows boats, paddle-boards or kayaks? Buy a summer pass and paddle away! Out on the open water you can avoid being too close to any other lake-goers. Added bonus, you get fresh air and sunshine, key ingredients to keeping germs at bay!


The Great American Road-trip: What a better time to embark on a family road-trip. When in your car, RV or van you can control your environment. The consensus is that staying at a hotel is relatively low risk, especially once you're in your room. It's best to limit your time in common areas such as the lobby, gym, restaurants and elevator, where the risk of exposure is higher. It may take a bit more pre-planning, but bring your own food and drinks. If visiting National or State parks, make sure they are open before heading to any specific location.


Hiking: The benefits to physical and mental health to be outdoors and go out in nature to decompress are endless. Plus, exercising outdoors is a good way to burn off steam while staying socially distant.Though the trails around Denver seem to be very busy lately, don't let that stop you from exploring our state! Bring a mask for when the trails feel too crowded, go early in the morning or late in the day to avoid the busy times, and spend some time researching new hikes that might be less traveled. Some of the more popular hikes in Colorado are going to a reservation system, so double check before heading out!


80's throwback activities: These activities bring back a sense of nostalgia for us personally. When we think back to the summers when we were kids they were filled with days of riding bikes, sprinklers in the yard, water balloon fights and slip n' slides. All of these activities (if you don't already own) are cheap and cheerful! Any kid or adult alike will enjoy them. Warning: slip n' slides are not as friendly to us as they were when we were a child of the 80's...proceed with caution. Set these activities up and let the kids at it, trust us, they will love it! Don't forget the best way to end these activities is with a bomb-pop or otter-pop.


We know that we are being urged to keep our distance from each other, but we also know that summer is the time to have fun and spend time with your families. This summer won’t be the same, but it also won’t be ruined. With these activities we are certain you can find some fun and make memories for your family. We’re going to have to figure out how to live with the virus while letting kids be kids and allowing adults to find new adventures.  In the meantime, we are here if you need us for any of your health needs, or if you want to enjoy a popsicle...we hear Kirkland sells some tasty adult only ones!