Puerh tea is my favorite morning beverage! It is caffeinated and took the place of coffee for me over 10 years ago. This tea is fermented at high temperature, steamed, and pressed! After steeping this tea it has a bright yet dark redish color to it and has its own unique sweet taste. I love this tea for many reasons! First of all it is delicious and it is my only caffeine. Medicinally it aids in digestion, helps keeps blood sugar stable, relieves nausea due to its grounding qualities, it also helps you recover from fatigue and as the Chinese would say recover from intoxication and I would call it a hangover! Overall it is an earthy yet slightly sweet nourishing warm beverage! 


Every brand of Puerh tea tastes different to me. The one above I like a lot because of the taste and the price; especially since I drink a cup every day! I bought this one at the Asian market for $17, it comes as a circular fermented brick of tea, and can last you 2-3 months depending on how strong you like your tea. The beauty of loose leaf and fermented teas are that you can use a little more or a little less to make your cup specific to your taste. Maybe you want it stronger or maybe you like a lighter cup of tea.


To make a cup of Puerh tea you will need the following:

Water heated between 200-212 degrees

Puerh tea

Tea filter (or they sell individual fillable tea bags)

Tea cup


Start with warming your tea cup with warm water. Pour the warm water out when you are ready to make your tea. Take the tea filter place it in the cup. Break off a piece of the fermented tea cake (approximately 1x1” piece) and place it in the filter. Then pour your hot water over the tea. Let your tea steep for 5-15minutes. I like mine pretty strong so i steep it for 10-15minutes in my yeti to keep it warm.