We have created a unique and collaborative culture in which we build on the strengths of our acupuncturists allowing you to bring your best self and most effective skills to the clinic each day.  As an Inspired Wellness acupuncture associate, you will begin working on our team part-time to support the overflow of patients currently seeking our services and grow into a thriving, full-time practitioner.  You get to actively build your loyal patient base and promote Inspired Wellness Center in the community developing a valuable network.



You are curious and caring enough to find & treat the root cause of chronic disease, hormone imbalance, and pain, while assisting patients in the prevention of health challenges through the implementation of Japanese needling techniques, western lab tests, supplements & herbs.  While you have a strong background in clinical experience, you are driven by a willingness to learn about different modalities.  Your belief in your ability to help people reach their health goals allows you to be a steady and effective practitioner.  You are fun to work with (so are we) and approach life and work in the pursuit of joy.  You thrive in an environment of collaboration seeking to support and impact our team and organization rather than isolating as a solo practitioner simply seeking a paycheck.  You understand and align with business function and form but are not in need of governing the organization.  As a result, you value engaging with patients and easily talking about treatment plans, packages, money & payments as it supports their ability to achieve their health priorities successfully.  You are a natural evangelist with great people skills for building valuable relationships in and out of the clinic.

In addition to your main function of patient treatment, you will grow our business volume and help sustain a healthy and engaging work environment for our team members.  You will increase revenue by developing and keeping relationships with existing patients through effective, quality care, following our simple but highly functional herb and supplement sales process, finding and connecting with prospective patients, and referring organizations to manage client attrition and optimize business growth.

If you are a balanced, integrative acupuncture professional enthusiastic about partnering with and providing hope to your patients, we want you to apply now!  C’mon, we know you want to, so read on and follow the instructions.

Please do not apply for this position unless you can prove through documentation that you are a well-versed, licensed, balanced acupuncture practitioner.  Internships will be considered.  This is a highly coveted position, and we will only settle for an A-player.


  • You are HUNGRY & EAGER to learn, grow, and become better every day.
  • You are flexible and resilient when faced with rapid-fire demands on your attention.
  • You enjoy helping people and meeting their needs in sound but creative ways.
  • You are proactive, forward-thinking, and have the ability to “fill in the gaps” with patient treatment planning and clinic needs.
  • You have high standards for your work and see this role as a long-term, professional career.
  • You are PRIORITY FOCUSED & EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY willing to reliably show up daily with excellence.
  • You are a positive, highly motivated self-starter, quick learner, and independent worker.
  • You have a “figure it out” attitude about any new project or task you haven’t done before.
  • You are available now or following a formal resignation and notice period to work Part-Time and grow into Full-Time.


Degree Level:  Colorado State Acupuncturist license, NCCAOM Certification, work authorization in the United States, and active Malpractice Insurance 1M/3M.

Experience: A preferred minimum of 3-years’ current experience working as a licensed acupuncture provider, however, first-year internships will be considered for practitioners competent in their own skillset regardless of years of experience.

Key Functional Skills: 

  • Proven experience in performing acupuncture in the Japanese needling style on patients, ensuring their safety and comfort.
  • Functional understanding of the benefits and uses for the balanced treatment approach of traditional Chinese medicine combined with newer science-based treatments.
  • Proficiency in working with and recommending herbs and supplements which support patient health goals.
  • Substantial understanding of Western Medicine, including lab work.
  • Understanding of treatments for fertility, women’s health, and oncology patients.
  • Know when to ask for help. 
  • Ability to communicate authentically and honestly while being engaging and approachable.
  • Excellent ability to listen with the intent of understanding patient wants and needs.
  • Proven ability to pay close attention and notice minor details giving each task your undivided attention and catching mistakes, errors, or changes before they snowball into a bigger problem.
  • Skilled at working independently and exceeding daily expected work output without constant supervision while maintaining focus on team goals and needs.
  • Must live within the West Denver or Boulder areas.


  • A reference contact list of your past 3 direct supervisors
  • Experience effectively following clinic workflow and completing patient charting in practice management software and Electronic Health Records.  We use
  • Ability to attract and bring in ideal added patients.
  • Experience successfully treating fertility challenges.


  • Better than competitive compensation with growth opportunities.  For the right person, this means $32.50 - $65.00 per hour commensurate with current experience and future gains matching the value you add to the organization.
  • No micro-management.  We have a collaborative development process to successfully empower you to meet our service excellence requirements and patient health goals.

This is a special opportunity that requires a special process.  

The process itself is designed to discover only those passionate about wanting to join our mission.

We are looking for character, culture fit, and skills (of course).  One key to success with our team is having an obsessive commitment to excellence and being able to follow through, so we look for those traits too!

If you are simply spamming your resume through job boards with the hope that something sticks, this process will not be for you.  Otherwise, we think you will find the process fun, productive, and fitting.

Let’s begin by having you take the next steps.


If you qualify to apply for this opportunity, please send application items via email to following the instructions below.  No phone calls, please.  We will carefully review your application and if you are selected to move on to the next step, we will let you know.  Resumes are not required, we are most interested in hearing about who you are, rather than where you’ve been!

Application Must Include:

  • Why you want to work with us and why you think you’d be a valuable addition.
  • List your 3 most unique and significant strengths, as you would describe them.
  • Your acupuncture training details and your favorite specialties, modalities or superpowers.
  • Three professional references & contact details; direct supervisors preferred.

Bonus Points for an Application Video!:

Record a 3-minute video titled “Why I’m Awesome”.  We're not looking for a big production, just grab your smartphone, and start recording.

Video Submission Instructions:

  1. Upload your video to an online video sharing platform like VimeoYouTubeLoom, or Soapbox.
  2. Add the LINK* to the video to your email application
  3. Subject line: Why I’m Awesome – Acupuncture Associate

*Please note that we receive large volumes of submissions and appreciate receiving your submission as a link rather than an attachment!

Apply Now

We look forward to learning more about YOU!!