How ironic is it that Mental health awareness month has coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic? We find it very timely.

We get it.

This is hard.

Very hard.


As the number of cases of COVID-19 increase, so does the anxiety. For the general public, the mental health effects of COVID-19 are as important to address as are the physical health effects.

Did you know that one in five people have mental health conditions? And we have millions who are at risk of developing them. We need to take personal, and professional measures now to address them.

The new realities of working from home, temporary unemployment, home-schooling of children, and lack of physical contact with other family members and friends take time to get used to. Adapting to lifestyle changes such as these, and managing the fear of contracting the virus and worry about people close to us who are particularly vulnerable, are challenging for all of us. These things are ever more difficult for people with mental health conditions to process.

Drawings of bacteria

Here are a few tips and advice that we would like to share to ensure you are taking care of your own mental health, and the mental health of those you're trapped...I mean quarantined with.  :)


  • Validate your feelings: Name what you are feeling. Anger? Sadness? Anxiety? When you name it, and recognize it, you take control of it; instead of it controlling you.
  • Keep informed. But not overly so, If you get what we mean. Listen to advice and recommendations from your national and local authorities. After that turn it off.
  • Social contact is important. Keep in regular contact with people close to you by telephone and utilize tools like Zoom or Facetime. Or get outside and say "Hi" to your neighbor from 6 feet away.
  • Create a routine. Stick to it.
  • Get up and go to bed at similar times every day.
  • Keep up with personal hygiene.
  • Get dressed! We highly recommend pants, stretchy ones, but be sure to try on your jeans once a week to make sure they still fit.
  • Eat healthy meals at regular times.
  • Exercise regularly. Guess what? Outside is not closed! Get out, get some fresh air, sunshine provides vitamin D a key nutrient for our immune systems. Plus its great for clearing the mind.
  • Make time for doing things you enjoy. Netflix and puzzles seem to be popular these days.
  • Minimize your news-feed. Try to reduce how much you watch, read or listen to news that makes you feel anxious or distressed.

We hope you find these simple tips for maintaining your mental health helpful, if you'd like to learn more about the role acupuncture plays in stress reduction — don't hesitate to reach out to Inspired Wellness Center.