Did you hear? House arrest...cough, cough...I mean, stay-at-home orders, are actually going to expire on the 26th as planned!! 




We are so excited to announce that we'll be back in the clinic for appointments again on April 27th for our "must-see" patients. This includes our people who need to get in ASAP because of anxiety, pain, immune stuff, or fertility treatments? Hit us up with an email so we can get you set up as you will not be able schedule online.  Our online calendar is currently open to everybody starting May 4th however we will have a modified schedule for the month of May as we still want to be extra careful.


We’ll be putting some extra measures in place to keep all of us healthy including:

-we request that all patients show up RIGHT AT their scheduled time so that we can show you to a treatment room immediately and eliminate the possibility of patients gathering in the waiting room

-all patients must immediately wash their hands upon entering the office

-all staff will wear masks at all times with high risk populations

-no one will gather in waiting area; so we respectfully ask that you don't bring family or guests to your appointment at this time

-all rooms will be disinfected with hospital-grade anti-viral disinfectants after all contact and we will change sheets between each patient

-staff will continue the diligent with constant hand-washing and sanitizing

-no water will be available in waiting room

-staff will be mindful of limiting close contact with patients as much as possible

**We will continue the modified schedule and enhanced safety procedures for the month of May and will reevaluate in June to make sure we are safely opening up to full capacity.


We are beyond excited to connect with you in-person again Thank you to all of you who reached out while we were closed to make sure we were ok! We ate all the food, drank all the dranks, watched all the netflix and remained generally unproductive. Time to start showing again, see if our jeans still fit and hope we haven't forgotten how to poke people! ;)

Our office will open with a modified schedule starting April 27th.  Acupuncture is considered a critical business and is allowed to be open even with the extension of Jefferson County stay-at-home orders.  

Thank you for your patience during this time.


Dr. Jana Royer-Morian

Inspired Wellness Center