Are you thinking about getting pregnant, or have been trying for a while?  Are you starting to consider using Acupuncture to help you boost your fertility and increase the chances of becoming/carrying a healthy pregnancy?

Well, here are the Top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait another day before calling Inspired Wellness Center (or your local fertility specialized Acupuncturist)!  


Top 5 Reasons to Make Acupuncture Part of Your Fertility Journey


1: Trying to get pregnant can be a stressful process and Acupuncture is GREAT at reducing stress levels!  

Even if you can’t wrap your head around the rest of the stuff I’m going to tell you that Acupuncture can help with… after your first treatment you’ll becoming a believer that Acupuncture WILL reduce your stress levels.  In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that just the simple act of Acupuncture encourages your brain to release a whole feel-good cocktail of chemicals and hormones which in turn makes you feel better!

2: Acupuncture can help regulate your menstrual cycle.  

If you know anything about your body and what happens during your cycle you can probably assume that just one “kink in the chain” can have a domino effect and mess up everything else.  If there is a simple solution to correcting your cycle, why not do it! Things like tracking ovulation and temperatures can help identify these issues and your Acupuncturist can discuss with you where the issues might be and what your treatment plan would look like.

3: Studies have shown that doing Acupuncture with IVF can increase success chances by up to 60%!  

But what if you’re not doing IVF… you ask?  The reasons why adding Acupuncture to the IVF process is so important is because it’s ability to do things like regulate hormones, increase blood flow to the uterus and reduce uterine contractions…. These are all important whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally or are using ART technology like IUI/IVF’s. Here's the study.

4: We think outside of the box!  

Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) have been around for a LONG time!  One of the reasons that it is so successful is because they developed an entirely different thought process when it comes to dysfunctions and the body.  This is important for the women who struggle getting pregnant and after a full work-up at the Doc’s office they are told they have (the dreaded) UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY.  If we turn this statement inside out we understand this to mean… on paper you’re perfect but for some reason you’re not getting pregnant.  That’s great for us!  We know there is nothing majorly wrong so lets look at your history from a different perspective and see if we can’t find something to fix.  

5: Acupuncture wants to FIX the problem not band aid it.  

The goal in any medicine should be to identify the problem and then fix it.  This is important because a fixed issue does not rear it’s ugly head down the road… what I am getting to here is that chances of miscarriage are significantly reduced when doing Acupuncture.  Rather than forcing your body to do something it isn’t ready to do, take a couple of months to really take care of yourself and get your body as healthy as you can get it and I know it’ll pay off in the end!

Jana Royer-Morian
Dr. Jana Royer-Morian is a practitioner of Chinese medicine and is focused on providing her patients with thorough, individualized, and comprehensive care treating a variety of specific conditions and symptoms.  She is the owner and provides acupuncture at Inspired Wellness Center to the Denver, Arvada, Westminster, Golden and Lakewood communities.  In addition to treating diseases, Dr. Jana promotes preventative health, wellness and patient empowerment utilizing a combination of techniques that may include acupuncture, bodywork, cupping, moxibustion, Chinese herbs, dietary and self-care recommendations. Her recommendations are based on her current knowledge and clinical experience.