This promotion is now closed! Congrats to those who took advantage of this great deal. See you at IWC!


We know our patients have been asking about this recently (especially before the holidays) and in honor of our 7th YEAR birthday – we are excited to be able to run our BIGGEST PROMOTION of the year TODAY ONLY for CYBER MONDAY. And we really wanted to offer something special to our valued clients and those who REALLY want to come in to see us, or just haven’t done it yet.

This promotion needs to be purchased TODAY, Monday, December 1st, 2014! You can redeem your offer within the year and it can be used by yourself, your family, or even gifted to a friend!

But this promotion has to be purchased TODAY to be valid.

CLAIM YOUR BOGO OFFER BELOW!! (this is time sensitive)

PS: Limited to purchasing 7 per household




1) Promotion has to be purchased by Today, Monday, December 1st.

2) Of course there are some rules, but not many! Other discounts don’t apply for this special CYBER MONDAY deal as this is really the BEST special that exists. Take advantage of it today while you can.



Ever thought..”I just need the right opportunity to get my health back in order”


“I REALLY want to get pregnant this year and maybe willing to try some natural resources to make my dream a reality!”

or maybe even

“Dang, if only I could reduce the stress or pain in my life… I would have so much more time for (insert your favorite hobby”


Well, now you do!




1) Contact us at (303) 377-1365

2) Last year this promotion had us VERY busy. If you aren’t able to reach us right away, PLEASE leave a voicemail with your phone number and we will get back in touch with you promptly.



This is a BUY ONE SESSION GET ONE free (absolutely FREE) for new and current patients. Need to get back in to see me, but just didn’t have the motivation. Now you do! Looking for the best gift for a friend with cancer, a new mom, someone with allergies, or even getting rid of that aching back…now you’ve found it.

*remember this is only for ONE DAY ONLY! You can redeem it anytime within the year, just has to be pre-purchased today to get access to this great deal. Got Questions? GREAT! Just call us at (303) 377-1365

CLAIM YOUR BOGO OFFER HERE or call (303) 377-1365!

*PS: limited to purchasing 7 BOGO appointments per household.



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This promotion is now closed! Congrats to those who took advantage of this great deal. See you at IWC!